RLPL Cashmere Shirt

Purdey cashmere shawl neck cardigan

Rare personal treat #413

Rare personal treat #2

Caruso for Ballantyne Cashmere patch pocket jacket

Green and grey….

Green and grey….

Pal Zileri Cash Jacket
Loro Piana Cash Tie
Kilgour Pants
RLPL Shoes 

Cashmere Wednesday

Loro Piana, Borrelli, Kilgour, Bally Scribe

Chilly Winter Sunday

There’s just something about suede and cashmere…..

Untipped Cashmere Goodness

Oh Hi Autumn - where you been all my life?

From left to right:

Purdey, Purdey, Purdey, Drakes, Mulberry, Harrods, Loro Piana, Drakes, Hermes

New Aquisition: Kiton Untipped Cashmere.  Yum.